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Zookiez Slappy - Plush Animal Slap Band

Price: £9.99 £8.99


You'll Never Be very far from your Favourite Toy with Zookies Slappy!  The Super Cute and Super Soft Slap Wrap Pet!

Take your Zookiez Slappy Friend with you Wherever you Go! Playtime, Friend Time - Any Time!

Each Zookiez Slappy has their Own Name, Own Special Birthday and are so Soft and Cute you'll want to Collect Them All.  

Who Am I? Elephants are so Big and Smart they Remember you for as long as they Live.  I am Flappy the Elephant and as long as you're my Friend you'll always be in my Mind. I can be your Perfect Playmate. I have Shiny Blue Eyes, Flappy Round Ears, Long Curved Snout and my Grey Plushy Skin is Hard to Ignore. 

Who Am I? I am a Playful Sweet Little Beast with Soft Paws ready to Pounce or Grab onto your Back for an Amazing Fun Time or Become a Comfortable Pillow for Naptime. I have Adorable Blue Eyes that Ignite Passion, a Friendly Smiley Face and my Shiny Coat Can't Wait to be Cuddled.

There are Two to Collect (Only One Supplied):   Tiger,  Elephant

Recommended Age 3 years+

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