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Treasure X Sunken Gold Bottle Single Pack

Price: £9.99


X Marks the Spot for a Hunt Like No Other!

Treasure X is the Ultimate Surprise-Reveal Collectable Child's Toy, with a Multi Layered Reveal Process, Cool Action Figures and the Chance to Find REAL GOLD DIPPED Treasure. The Hunt for Real GOLD Dipped Treasure continues with the Treasure X Sunken Gold Single Pack!

What Secrets of the Deep will be Revealed as you Break Open and Unbox? Begin the 10 Levels of Adventure by Smashing Open the Bottle to Find your Map and Treasure Chest, But Wait - there's also a Slimy Squid Inside! Squeeze the Squid to Save the Treasure Hunter Action Figure Hidden in the Oozy Black Squid Ink. Who Will You Reveal?! 

This Season's Treasure Hunters are More Amazing than ever with Different Features to Find! Search for Ultra-Rare Water Filled Figures, Colour Change Figures, Water Squirting Figures and Snapping Jaw Figures!

There are 12 Hunters to Discover and Collect! Once you have Rescued your Hunter it’s time to Reveal what's in the Chest! What Amazing Treasures will Emerge and Float out from the Fizzing Treasure Chest when you Drop it into Water? Will You Find REAL Dipped Gold Treasure?

The Treasure X Sunken Gold Single Pack is the Perfect Birthday or Christmas Present.

The Highly Detailed Figures can be played with time and time again and combined with other Treasure X Figures and Playsets to Create a Variety of Play Scenarios and Adventures.

‘Smash the Bottle’ Unboxing! Each Bottle is Made from a Soft Material that will Break to Reveal the Treasure Chest and Squid Inside. Pop the Squid and Save the Treasure Hunter! Like Popping a Balloon, you will Pop the Squid to Reveal your Treasure Hunter and Black 'Squid Ink' Slime. Fizz and Float Treasure Chest Reveal! Drop the Treasure Chest in Water and Watch it Sink to the Bottom. Once it is at the Bottom, it will Slowly Open and your Treasure will then Float to the Top." Will You Find Real Gold Dipped Treasure?

There are 12 Hunters to Collect! Will You Find the Ultra-Rare Colour Change, Water Filled or Snapping Figures?

Styles May Vary. Only One Supplied

Recommended Age 5 years+

Manufactured by Character Options

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