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Tooky Toys Wooden Counting Number Stacker

Price: £10.99


Set of Wooden Tiles, Beads and Sorting Bars which Help Children Understand the Concept about Numbers, Recognise Written Number and Play with Quantities.

The Toy allows to Compare Colours and Numbers, Order the Pieces with Different Criteria and Combine Quantities in a Very Flexible Way.

It is Designed to Favour Free Play and the Self-Discovery of Numbers. The Colours Help to Associate Figures and Quantities, which Raises a Stimulating Challenge for the Little Ones. 

With the Help of an Adult, Children can also Practice the Addition of Small Quantities, Combining Numbers and Colours.

Each Tooky Toy is Made of Wood from Sustainable Forests and Crafted by Skilled Works. The Process is the Same as their Ancestors used more than Eighty Years Ago. Additionally, Each Wooden Toy is Painted by Hand, all with Water-Based Dyes and Fixed Together using Non-formaldehyde Glue.

It includes 45 Coloured Pieces and 10 Numbered Tiles, with Bright Colours and 100% Safe Paints.

Recommended Age 2 years+

Manufactured by Tooky Toys

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