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Star Wars Top Trumps Quiz Card Game

Price: £9.99


Are you a Star Wars Expert?  Can You Identify the Difference Between Episodes 4-6 & Episodes 1-3 and Can You Remember Specific Scenes from Episode 7: The Force Awakens?

Travel to a Galaxy far, far away and Test your Star Wars Knowledge to see if you are a Force to be Reckoned with. With 500 Questions to Answer, it’s Great for the Whole Family, whether you want a Quick Game on the Go or to Spend some Time Seeing how much you really know!

With a Top Trumps Twist at the End to Test your Memory, Can You Remember what you learned just moments ago?

How to Play:

Split into Two Teams. Shuffle and Deal Five Cards to Each Team. Teams take it in turns to Read Question One to the Other Team. The Team to Answer Correctly Wins Both Cards. If Both Teams Answer Correctly then Both Move onto Question Two on the Same Card.  Keep Going until One Team gets a Question Wrong.

Once you Win Three Pairs of Cards, you Win and it’s time to try the Twist.

Were you paying attention? Collect the Same Ten Cards, Shuffle and Deal them Again and Play with the Same Rules Starting with Question One.

Can you Remember what you heard moments ago? Feel your Mind Twist and Turn as you try and Remember the Answers you just Heard.

First to Collect Three Pairs of Cards Wins the Game.

Recommended Age 8 years+

Manufactured by Winning Moves

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