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Schleich Figurines Sea Unicorn Stallion Figure

Price: £14.99


In the Fantastic Underwater World of Meamare, there Lives a Family of Unicorns Well Hurinesidden in the Depths. The Parents Lovingly Care for their Little Unicorn. Just Look what a Wonderful Shell Pattern adorns their Fur Coats and How their Tails and Manes Glisten in the Sunlight.

In the Expansive Underwater World of Meamare, a Unicorn Family Lives in a Shell Clearing Nestled in the Sea Forests. Only Those who are Very Lucky and Patient get to Encounter the Unicorn Parents and their Little Ones.  Once you've Seen Them, you will Never Forget Them – the Three Magical Creatures are so Beautiful and Mysterious. A Mermaid has even managed to become Friends with them. She Visits them Regularly, Pets Them and Even Speaks with Them. Just Look what a Fantastic Pattern they have on their Fur Coat and How their Tails and Manes Glisten.

Which Sea Unicorn is your Favourite?

Only One Schleich Sea Unicorn Stallion Figurine Supplied.

Manufactured by Schleich

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