Roblox Series 1 Action Figure (One Supplied)

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Circuit Breaker is more than just 1’s and 0’s. This Android is a Lean Mean Machine!  And with an Arsenal of Weaponry, Circuit Breaker is a Menacing Foe. Indeed, Rules and Circuits were meant to be Broken.

Rampage is his name, Plundering is his Game. They say he Survived a Thousand Battles across the land and sea, Amassing a Plethora of Gold and Jewels. He keeps his Mateys Close, but his Treasure Closer. Don't dare cross him, or he'll be the first to send you to Davy Jones' Locker.

When it comes to pure Glitz and Glamour, Mr. Bling Bling is your Man. With a Flashy Smile and a Tailored Suit Woven together from the Finest Gold Linens, he enjoys showing off his Extravagant Lifestyle to any Robloxian. His Fashion Sense may not be very subtle, but you’ve got to admit – he knows how to Flaunt his Wealth.

All hail the Enchanted Knight of Redcliff, Tim7775!  Bearing the Wings of an Angel, he descends upon Robloxia to do Battle in the Great Kobloxian War. When he’s not taking up arms against the Korbloxians, he can usually be seen working on Hide and Seek Extreme, one of the most Popular Games on Roblox.

They say on a Night of a Full Moon, Lord Umberhallow Hides under the Cover of Darkness to Play Tricks and Mischievous Pranks on Unsuspecting Passersby. You can tell he’s around whenever there’s a Trail of Immense Fire left behind by his Evil Blade. If you come across this Fiend, you may want to start running.

The fisherman stands at the dock, triumphantly casting out his line into the depths of the water. Here in Alexnewtron's mega popular role-playing game, Meep City, you need to have a "reel” talent for fishing to catch the big ones. Luckily, with his trusty Meep by his side and a box full of bait, all he needs is a little patience.

When you need the job done right, you send in the Ghosts. As commander of Task Force Blox, this special forces operator has led hundreds of highly classified raids in Phantom Forces, created by Litozinnamon, Shaylan007, and Axis Angle. Trained extensively in a variety of specialized weapons and combat tactics, he strikes swiftly and quietly without a moment’s hesitation.

With her glorious Autumn Staff, the Queen of the Tree Lands sends nature’s blessings to all who come to play in The New Fissy's building game, Tree Lands. Passed down from generation to generation, the Autumn Staff is said to grant unbelievable divine power to the current wielder.

Each Core Figure Pack comes with a Code with One Item Relevant to the Pack.

There are Lots of Figures to Collect (Only One Supplied):  Mr Bling Bling, Circuit Breaker, Lord Umberhallow, Tim 7775 Red Guard, Captain Rampage, Phantom Forces Ghost, Queen of the Treelands, Meepcity Fisherman

Recommended Age 6 years+

Manufactured by Jazwares

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