Roblox Champions Of Roblox 6 Figure Set

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The Catastrophic Korblox War against the Redcliff Kingdom Rages On! Gather your Forces and prepare for Battle.

Korblox Death Speaker - the All-Powerful Death Speaker Strikes Fear and utter Terror into his Foes. He uses his ancient Staff to cast Dark Magic.

Korblox Mage - his powerful Dark Magic cannot be contained. It Pulses through him, Stronger than his own Blood.

Korblox General - this Fierce Fighter carries a Sword into Battle, ready to Strike at a moment’s notice.

The Overseer - with their All-Seeing Eye, the Overseers of the Korblox Empire are said to Prophesize the Future.

Redcliff Elite Commander - the Commanders Lead the Elite Legions of Knights in their Grand Quest to Rid Roblox of all Evil.

Alar Knight of Splintered Skies - these Virtuous Knights Descend upon the Earthen Plane to Undo the Evil plaguing it.

Set includes: 6 Figures and Exclusive Virtual Item

Recommended Age 6 years+

Manufactured by Jazwares

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