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Pikmi Pops Surprise Large Doughmis

Price: £22.99


There are 4 Sweet Scented Jumbo-Sized DoughMis to Collect: Sweetie Paws the Sparkly Cat, Rumbles the Fluffy Hedgehog, Achurro the Fuzzy Llama, and Rainbow Sprinkles the Magical Unicorn.

Each of these Super Cute Jumbo DoughMis are Scented, Soft and Cuddly!

Includes 1 Sweet Scented 25cm Jumbo Plush, 1 Surprise Item and is Packaged Inside an Iconic Donut-Truck!

There are So Many Fun New Surprise Items for you to Find and Discover.

Will you Find 1, 2, or 3 Surprise Items Hidden Inside?

One Pikmi Pop donutMis included.

Recommended Age 5 years+

Manufactured by Flair

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