Mine It! Gold Or Diamond (One Supplied)

Price: £4.99


Become a Real Treasure Hunter! Chip Away with your Hammer and Chisel to Reveal Precious Stones Every Time!

There are 6 Precious Stones to Collect:  Black Line Jasper, Rose Crystal, Picture Jasper, Red Onyx, Tiger Eye and Volcanic Rock, but will you be Lucky enough to Find Real Diamond and Gold? The Hunt is On!

Discover and Collect them All with Mine it!

1 Box in 24 has a Real Diamond or Real Gold!

Each Pack includes Either 1 Diamond or Gold Bar, 1 Chisel, 1 Magnifying Glass and 1 Hammer.

There are Two Sets to Collect (Only One Supplied):  Gold or Diamond

Recommended Age 5 years+

Manufactured by Character Options

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