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Little Live Pets Electronic Flutter Wings Butterfly (One Supplied)

Price: £12.99


Beautiful Little Live Pets Butterfly is your New Pet Friend that Magically Comes Alive and Flutters in the Palm of your Hand!

Feel how Real your New Friend Feels as it Flaps and Flitters its Stunning Wings just for you.

Your Little Live Pet Butterfly Feeds and Gets Energy from the Included Flower Base.  The More you Feed your Pet the Happier it Becomes. With its Wings Dancing Magically in the Palm of your Hand this is the Lifelike Pet that every Child wants!

Take your Pet Friend with you wherever you go!

Series 3 Butterflies Feature Dazzling Bright Wings! 

There are Six Unique and Individual Butterflies to Collect (Only One Supplied): Candy Swirl, Rainbow Star, 
Flutter Heart, Love Art, Confetti Fair and Crystal Bright

Recommended Age 5 years+

Manufactured by Character Options

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