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Hexbug Junkbots Small Dumpster

Price: £9.99


The Junk Is Alive In A New Unboxing Experience From HEXBUG!

These Alien Powered Toys for Kids bring out the Creative Side of Girls and Boys in a Brand New, Astonishing Unboxing Experience. Laugh Out Loud (LOL) and Surprise your Friends when you Open Each New HEXBUG JUNKBOTS Series Trash Can or Dumpster. You Never Know what Parts you'll get to Build your own Motorized Figure or Static Robotic Model. 

The Junk Is Alive! Summoned to Life through ‘Alien Radiation’, 36 Collectable Junkbots are waiting to be Unearthed from their Unique Trash Cans. In this Ultimate Unboxing Experience, Dig through Junk to Reveal Hidden Treasures and Clues to Build your own Junk Bots!  Inside this Special Dumpster Pack, are over 24 Pieces that can be used to Build Two Separate Junkbot Characters, or Mix and Match Pieces to Customize Totally New Builds using the Universal Socket System! These Blink with Light-up Energy Cores.

Don't Let the Fun Stop at just One. The More you Collect, the More you can Create!

Recommended Age 3 years+

Manufactured by Hexbug

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