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Grossery Gang Time Wars Action Figures (One Supplied)

Price: £9.99


Get Ready to Power Up for the Battle of the Ages with All New Grossery Gang Action Figures, with Fully Articulating Joints.

After accidently opening up a Time Portal through a Stinky Toilet, the Grossery Gang are Battling for their Slimy Lives!

They need all the Help they can get from their Festering Ancestors so they can Destroy the Robots. It’s the Grossery Gang TIME WARS!

Totally Unique, Gross, Hilarious Action Figures! Each Character comes with an Hilarious Weapon Accessory Related to their Character, Fully Articulated Joints, Detailed and Fun Styling! Works with all Vehicle Playsets.

Each Time Wars Figure comes with 1 Weapon, 1 Missile, 1 Exclusive Grossery and Instruction Leaflet.

There are Three to Collect (Only One Supplied):  Powered Up Cyber Slop Pizza, Powered Up Putrid Pizza or Powered Up Goey Chewie

Recommended Age 5 years+

Manufactured by Flair

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