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Gormiti Hyperbeast - Gorok & Stone Beast

Price: £19.99


A Long Time Ago, the Island-World of Gorm was threatened by an Enemy willing to Eradicate Life: the Darkans. The Eternal Knights of Nature, the Gormiti, guided by their Powerful Lords, united their strengths to fight the menace. Oceans were Levelled, Earthquakes Ravaged the Land… But the Gormiti Won!

In the Series, the Heralds use Powerful Elemental Mounts, the Hyperbeasts, to fight the Darkans and travel through the Island of Gorm.

The 15cm Gorok Action Figure Sits on Top and Rides the Trek the Hyperbeast. Featuring Exclusive Light & Sound Function and a Token Accessory, you can use the Digital Code to Unlock Lots of Content on the Site and in the App!

Recommended Age 4 years+

Manufactured by Flair

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