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Gamewright PDQ - The Pretty Darn Quick Word Game

Price: £9.99


Quick! Try to Make a Word Out of the Letters SMP.

Sound Simple? How about PTR? Get the Picture? 

In this Lightning Fast Party Game, it's an All-Out Race to be the First Player to Shout Out a Word Using All Three Letter Cards in Play.

Each Round Starts with a Different Set of Letters - it's up to you to Fill in the Blanks.

Whoever has the Most Cards at the End of the Game is the WNR!

PDQ is an Amazing Brain Booster. Not only does it Help Build Vocabulary, but it also Challenges you to Play Between the Lines by Forming Words Out of Component Parts.

Secondly, it's Incredibly Versatile. You can Play Almost an Infinite Number of Games Using the Same Deck of Cards. 

PDQ is Suitable for 1 or More Players.  Playing Time of Around 15 Minutes. 

Recommended Age 10 years+

Manufactured by Gamewright

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