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Disney Incredibles 2 Precool 3" 2 Figure Pack

Price: £6.99 £4.99


The Incredibles 2 follows the Adventures of the Parrs, a Family of Supers (Humans with Super Abilities).

The Parrs include the Father, Bob, also known as Mr. Incredible who Possesses Super Strength, Helen, his Wife also known as Elasti-Girl for the Ability to Stretch her Body and their Children Violet, who can become Invisible and Project Force Fields, Dash, who Possesses Super Speed and Jack-Jack, their Infant who can Transform into a Number of Forms.

The Sequel will Start "a Minute" after the End of the First Film, where the Parrs are just about to Face the Undermine.

Approx Height 3".  One Two Pack Supplied.

There are Four to Collect (Only One Supplied):  Mr Incredible & Jack-Jack, Elasti-Girl & Screenslaver, Elasti-Girl & Dash, Violet & Frozen

Manufactured by Jakks Pacific

Recommended Age 3 years+

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