Clementoni Science Museum Approved Mechanics Laboratory

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A Science Kit to Discover the Secrets of Mechanics. 

Manual Skill to Shape your Ideas, Brain Power to Hypothesis and Experiment, Creativity to Develop Brand New Projects.

A Large Laboratory that will Allow you to Know the Principles of Mechanics and Engineering.

Thanks to 250 Components Contained in the Game you will Achieve more than 50 Buildings of Increasing Complexity.  You can Build Helicopters, Motorized Cranes, Cars with Electric Motors. 

  • Discover the Mechanics of Levers and Gears
  • More than 250 Interchangeable Components
  • Experiment with Levers, Cogs and Pulleys and Assemble Different Models with Increasing Difficulty Levels.
  • With a Real Electric Motor to Power your Models

Recommended Age 8 years+

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