This year outdoor spaces have become more valuable than ever before, making outdoor toys this year’s must-have products for children of all ages.

We’ve done our homework and compiled a list of the best outdoor toys for kids who want to spend more time playing outside. While there is no substitute for a good stick, quality outdoor toys will certainly assist in promoting more time spent outdoors and less screen-time indoors.

We have put together our own gift guide, to help you find the best outdoor toys to surprise your little ones ahead of summer.




Smart Ball Speed Football

Age 6 years+

For football lovers aged 6 and up, the Smart Ball Speed Football is the ideal gift. This “outdoor smart ball” is super easy and fun to use. Place the Speed Ball on the kicking tee, activate the sensor, wait for the timer, and then kick the ball as hard as you can. The pace at which you kick the ball will be recorded in kilometres per hour; simply hit the button after kicking the ball to know your speed.

It’s fun to compete with friends and family and see who can kick the hardest, and it’s also beneficial for kids who want to improve their kicking strength. Is it possible for someone to exceed the top speed of 100 kilometres per hour? Let the games begin!


Smart Ball Counter Football
Age 6 years+

If you want your kids (or partner) to spend hours in the garden, the Smart Ball is a fantastic counting football toy that’ll bring out the inner competitor in you. Challenge yourself or your family to see who can achieve the most keepie-uppies in the shortest amount of time.

To prevent the Smart Ball from hitting the deck, use your feet, hips, elbows, chest, and shoulders. – when the Smart Ball makes contact with your body, it will count and light up. Smart Ball encourages you to keep on by counting up to 100 by playing in-built sounds and motivational phrases.

By pressing the sensor button for 3 seconds, your Smart Ball will turn on. When you touch it, the counter ball begins to count. Pump up your Smart Ball to a minimum diameter of 70 cm for maximum performance. To change the batteries or turn to football mode, unscrew the counting sensor from the ball using the flat key given and replace it with the football bung.


Juggleezz Ball

Age 3 years+

Stretch it, mould it, throw it or kick it – Bring out the trickster in you, see how many of the best tricks you can come up with! The Juggleezz Ball is a children’s garden toy that comes in a range of various colours, feels great in your hands and is easy to mould into all kinds of shapes. Play outside or inside with your Juggleezz and invent your own weird and wonderful tricks or try to do as many juggling tricks as possible in a race against your friends and family!

The Juggleezz Ball is made of special TPR ball skin and filled with gel balls!


Jump It Counter Skipping Ball

Age 6 years+

This is sure to be a fun outdoor toy for girls who love skipping, of course, boys too!

One end of the rope has a loop you attach to your ankle and then you swing the ball around you with your foot and jump over the rope as it comes around, kind of like skipping.

The Jump It Counter Skipping Ball a fun little outdoor, or indoor toy (please make considerable space if using indoors) that records to 1,000 laps, making it a great exercise toy for stamina without making it seem like exercise. Fancy a challenge? Get your family and friends to join in the fun on a hot day in the garden – perfect!


My 1st JCB Big Wheeler Super Sized Push Along Joey JCB     

12 months+

What is it about little boys and diggers? This is our best-pick outdoor toy for toddlers.

The Joey JCB is a perfect size for little hands to push around on the floor, and the four large durable wheels mean it’s also great for on deep pile carpet, outside on grass, or even in the sandpit. A big bucket sits in the centre, which children can move up and down by turning the silver exhaust funnel. On the back, there’s a smaller digging scoop that kids can use, but it conveniently tucks away when not in use.

This is a well-constructed, durable toy, definitely suitable to withstand the rough and tumble of a toddler boy’s play.


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These are our picks for fun outdoor toys for kids, and adults alike. With more time spent outside in the garden or local park, why not make things a bit more fun and exciting with Hoombletoys & Collectable’s choice of quality outdoor toys.

Wishing you many days of fun in the sun.

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