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Becca's Bunch Adventure's Calling Phone

Price: £9.99


Becca's Bunch is a Show about a Little Bird named Becca and her Bunch of Friends Russell, Sylvia, and Pedro - who live in the Wagtail Woods and are always Ready for Action.

Becca, a Happy Bobble Hat Wearing Bird, sees an opportunity for Adventure in every Situation and always Believes the Impossible is Possible, especially with her Bunch in Tow! She has Big Ideas and a Can-Do Attitude that pushes every Story to Bigger Challenges and Sillier Heights.

Becca and her Bunch always manage to get out of Sticky Situations with their Unique Ideas and Teamwork. Adventure's Calling!

Red Tin Can Shaped Phone. Press Buttons to Hear 10 Phrases from the Becca’s Bunch Characters. Includes Ringing Sound and Becca’s Bunch Theme Song.

Recommended Age 3 years+

Manufactured by Jakks Pacific

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