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Aqua Gelz Refill Pack

Price: £9.99


Aqua Gelz enables Children to Draw a Design using Aqua Gelz in a Mould and then Watch it Transform into a Squishy Creation As If By Magic when Submerged in the Aqua Gelz Solution.

Simply Design, Dip and Enjoy.

Add to the Aqua Gelz Fun with these Bumper Sized Translucent Colour  and Special FX Gels. The Translucent Colour  Includes 4 x 165ml  and the Special FX Glitter and Glow in the Dark, 5 x 100ml Aqua Gelz and 4 x 5g Aqua Gelz Solutions Mix.

Styles/Colours May Vary.

Recommended Age 5 years+

Manufactured by Recreation

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